About us

Shenzhen Ruihan Hardware Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer of various furniture handles, knobs, hinges and other related of furniture hardware fittings.

With rich experience in products development and business management, Ruihan is able to offer integrated customization from design, tooling and manufacture to satisfy various needs of different customers.

Ruihan is looking forward to new long-term cooperative opportunities with passionate and ambitious companies for the largest profit growth together.

Furniture hardware & fittings advantage:

1. Competitive price on furniture hardware & fittings

2. Accept OEM/ODM furniture hardware & fittings services

3. Provide worldwide furniture hardware & fittings services

4. Can fulfill your furniture hardware & fittings needs from designing, tooling and processing

Furniture hardware & fitting products: 

1. Furniture Handle

2. Furniture Knob

3. Furniture Caster

4. Drawer Slide

5. Furniture Hinge

6. Hooks

7. Table Mechanism

8. Swivel Plate

9. Fitting

10. Other Accessories




Contact: Alisa


Tel: +86-15814738094

Email: sales@rh-hardware.com

Add: Dahong Technology Park, Xinyu Road, Shajing Bao'an District, Shenzhen, China

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